Thursday, May 6, 2010

Test Camp:

Another month has passed and again it was time to call for Test Camp. This time I tried to do little more. Add more people and add more different approaches. One of participants from previous time (Madis) recommended very intresting application to test - web application without database. Date of the event was agreed upon 17.04.2010.

I got the permission to use this application ( and now I started putting together participants list. Sadly Tanel from Fraktal couldn't come, though he wanted, but rest of people were Oliver and Rasmus from Celeg Hannas and Madis, Artur, Eero and Polina from Webmedia.

This time we got people with really different approaches and backgrounds to participate - Testers, QA manager, Test manager and even .Net programmer (Eero). So the results were also very various. Eero (as only participant who actually works as programmer) gave some nice results and they made great team with Rasmus. Both generating ideas and improving each other - both had programmer background, but currently doing different type of work, thus thinking differently.

Ideas were generated so fast that Madis had hard time keeping up the pace when everyone were asking additional questions. Again the average rate of issues found in an hour per participant was around 2. But none-the-less it was fun and Webmedia thinks of startingsimilar events in-house also. Glad to hear that my idea was well-recieved.

Hopefully everyone also learned some new tricks to try with our own projects. At least I know I did.

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