Thursday, May 6, 2010

Having fun with computer terminal in a bank.

I heared this story from my tester Rasmus. He went to a bank to complain that their web application doesn't work properly when he tried logging in with Estonian ID-card. So the bank worker showed him a local computer terminal to try if it works here. He inserted his card into the reader and watched what happened. Program waited a little bit and opened a pop-up where you had to insert PIN1 of the card to log in. But... There was no OK or Cancel button... And when he tried to enter numbers to the field, that didn't work either.

So he thought to have little fun (read about that kind of fun from James Bach's blog here and watch here). He removed his card from a reader hoping something fun to happen. And... Computer started to shut down by itself... oops... the whole system started behaving really odd because of just removing ID card...

That made me think... I hope that they are not testing all their systems like they had tested this terminal... Who knows what else could he have stumbled upon there if that computer hadn't crashed completly...

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