Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Scripting vs Exploratory testin

Lately I was reading blogs of James Bach and Michael Bolton about Exploratory testing vs Scripted testing. It made me thinking about one of my first teaching sessions of testing where I showed this video at the beginning to demonstrate my idea of tester as proffession. I consider it a good example of describing the difference between scripted testing and exploratory testing. In scripted testing you do as is asked from you. In exploratory you learn how to notice things that might not be visible at first but are still there.

Another good example I recently discovered is this video. Again proof of concept for the need of sapient thinking.

Why these videos? Because I think they describe in someway software and testing software pretty well. The first video shows how scripted testing is done (counting passes) and how it should be done (paying attention to other aspect besides the obvious ones). The second one demonstrates for me how software changes over time and how testers should be aware of the context.

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