Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Helping someone becoming tester...

At the begginning of June I had a chance to teach and guide someone with no IT background to become a Tester. At the beginning I couldn't give him direct guidelines due to fact that he was solving a test exercise for a job and I had to evaluate it. So I gave some books to read, articles to review, peoples blogs to check and presentations to learn from for him to understand what the job is about. But after the test exercise was submitted and evaluated, I had a chance to discuss his assignment, what he had learnt, what does he think about it and how he plans to use it. The greatest part about it wasn't the discussion, wasn't the work amount he had done, but to see true passion burning in his eyes after reading and looking and hearing all he did. To see that I helped to make him understand the fine art of testing. To see a new comet rising to horizon with great ideas and even greater passion for Testing. Anyway I hope in few years he himself becomes the guru for some. Madis Jullinen has it in him.

Last week I had similar experience. I was talking to one of my friends studying IT and he asked me what testing is all about. We had a discussion that lasted for over half an hour. After that he said to me something I never forget. He said he would have never imagined that testing could be so interesting, in some aspects more facinating than anything other Software Development has to offer.

I'm getting a strange feeling that I've created a small group of people who admire testing and found the passion in it with my help (at least I hope so). I have a feeling that I have created something much bigger than myself. Strange... Hopefully I have the time to make more out of it. To make the true community of Testers work. Not just number of people who happen to work on similar positions in Software Development.

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