Sunday, December 13, 2009

Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar review

I finished reading James Bach's book Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar and decided to share some of what I've learned. First of all - the book describes a way to become and expert through the eyes of James Bach. In the beggining James Bach makes very accurate point - it doesn't matter if you are a buccaneer-scholar or academic-scholar, you still have to learn. The difference is what you learn and how you learn it. I myself got about two dozen new ideas what to do soon and what to do not-so-soon. Anyway one good point was glowing beneath all those words and sentences. It is how to work you self-confidence as it seems to be the most important tool anyone uses. If you are self-confident that you can do something - then probably you can do it. Don't dare to challenge ideas, proccedures etc and don't be afraid to loose sometimes. I've noticed that as well in my career and it has helped me alot also. If you can generalize enough then this book is not only about how to become expert in Testing. This book shows a way to become expert almost in any area that provides some challenge to mind. I personally tagged some pages to review again when I have procrastinationed these ideas for awhile. Again another thing I realized I was already doing after reading the book. That sometimes putting things/issues/problesms on stand-by and not even thinking about them helps to solve them more efficently and more rapidly. If you know what you're doing.

Anyway for final suggestion - If you dare to challenge generally acknowledged ideas, people with authority and yourself, then this book might give additional ideas to become expert. If you don't dare, but would like to do it, then this book might give additional boost to your self-confidence to be able to dare. If you don't want and consider challenging ideas of other experts wrong, to trust completly what others say and follow the path that has been shown to you. Then this book might show you there is another way. If you are willing to read...

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